Updated 04/08/2013

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Rainbow Rabbits Retirement Home is a special place for Elderly and Sick rabbits in South Bedfordshire. It provides a loving home for Rabbits over the age of 7 years, those with a serious/terminal illness and rabbits with a disability or chronic illness that is likely to significantly shorten their life expectancy , for the rest of their natural lives. As a rabbit reaches the end of its life some owners find they are not in a position to provide the extra care their bunny needs to keep them comfortable for their remaining time. Alternatively many bunnies sadly live such neglected lives that they are suffering from a range of serious health problems when they are lucky enough to be rescued - This is where Rainbow Rabbits comes in, it has been described many times as a "hospice for rabbits". It's a place where the rabbits who go there are loved and cared for, as well as getting all the medical treatment they need however short their time before passing to Rainbow Bridge. There are currently 27 bunnies at Rainbow Rabbits Retirement Home.

We also provide advice on all aspects of rabbit care. Please contact us via email at: rainbowrabbitsretirement@yahoo.co.uk




We do not rehome rabbits but we can offer you advice and help if you need to rehome your rabbit or can offer a rescue rabbit a loving home.

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Firstly let me apologise to all our supporters for taking so long to update our website. While all is quiet here please rest assured we are still working very hard caring for our Rainbow Rabbits. Over the Christmas period we went through a particularly testing time, losing three of our very special lounge bunnies in just 8 days. Dave, Herman and Trevor all passed very suddenly due to their individual health issues. All three were incredibly special rabbits that were a huge part of both our hearts and daily lives. Even now we are struggling to cope with what has happened and continue to miss them terribly.

Of course we have also had this awful cold weather to cope with, as I sit here typing on Easter Saturday I can still see flakes of snow falling from the sky!! We know our outdoor rabbits are as fed up as us and are desperate for some warm sunshine on their old bones.

Finally we have made the difficult decision to end our Rainbow Rabbit sponsorship scheme. So many of our beautiful bunnies are with us such a short time that it is not fair to expect people to buy sponsorships only to be told in weeks that their chosen bunny has gone to the bridge. It is also an added upset to us to have to contact our sponsors when we ourselves are grieving. So instead we have set up a new scheme - Sponsor a Rainbow Cottage. Our supporters can now sponsor our rainbow rabbit accommodation rather than individual rabbits. As you can imagine none of our set ups remain empty for long, so there will always be positive updates for sponsors as new rabbits arrive or are bonded. All info can be found on the usual sponsorship page. We really hope that you will continue to support our sponsor scheme as this is our main source of income for our vet bills.

 Issue 3 of Our New Magazine Bunny Sagas

 is available on our merchandise page.

In full colour it gives you a deeper insight into Rainbow Rabbits, has updates and projects for the future. As well as factual stories about our bunnies it also includes fun articles and of course lots of lovely photos.

For the first time since the packages were launched many years ago our Rainbow Cottage  Sponsorships have finally been updated and improved. All new sponsorships will now include a copy of Bunny Sagas magazine plus other Rainbow Rabbit Gifts.  Unfortunately we have had to include a price rise but this is the first increase in cost in 4 years despite increases in postage and VAT so they are still great value for money

If anyone would like to organise a fundraising event for us we would be extremely grateful and will give you all the help and support you need.